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Stars of the 70's that passed away


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Bud Abbott. Born: October 2nd, 1896. Died: April 24th, 1974. Comedian. Half of the Comedy Team of "Abbott & Costello". Cause of Death: Cancer. Cremated. Ashes Scattered in the Pacific Ocean.

Jack Albertson. Born: June 16th, 1910. Died: November 25th, 1982. Actor. He played Ed Brown ("The Man") on "Chico & The Man". He was also "Grandpa Joe" in "Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory" (1971) & "The Poseidon Adventure" in (1972). Cause of Death: Cancer. Cremated. Ashes scattered in the Pacific Ocean.

Irwin Allen. Born: June 12th, 1916. Died: November 2nd, 1991. Oscar Winning Producer & Director. He Popularized the Big Budget Disaster Epics of the 1970's. His Credits included: "The Poseidon Adventure" (1971), "The Towering Inferno" (1974). Cause of Death: Heart Attack. Mount Sinai Memorial Park Cemetary, Los Angelas, CA.

Jim Backus. Born: February 25th, 1913. Died: July 3rd, 1989
Played: Thurston Howell III on TV's "Gilligan's Island" and was the Voice of "Mr. Magoo".

Lucille Ball. Born: August 6th, 1911. Died: April 26th, 1989.
Cause Of Death: Ruptured Aorta after Heart Surgery.
Buried: Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Hollywood Hills, CA

Martin Balsom. Born: 1919, Died: 1996.
Buriel: Park Hill Cemetary, Paramus Bergan county New Jersey.

Noah Berry, Jr. Born: August 10th, 1913, Died: November 1st, 1994. Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills, CA
Complications from Brain Surgery. Played: "Rocky" on The Rockford Files.

Ralph Bellamy. Born: June 17th, 1904. Died: November 29th, 1991. Cause of Death: Respitory Infection. Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills, CA

Edgar Bergan. Born: February 16th, 1903. Died: September 30th, 1978. Inglewood Park Cemetary, LA County.

Busby Berkeley. Born: November 29th, 1895. Died: March 14th, 1976. Desert Memorial Park, Riverside County, CA.

Bill Bixby. Born: January 22nd, 1934. Died: November 21st, 1993. Cremated/ Ashes Scattered in Hawaii. Star of the "Incredible Hulk".. David Banner.

Harry, Blackstone Jr. Born: June 30th, 1934. Died: May 14th, 1997. Pancreatic Cancer.

Amanda Blake. Born: February 20th, 1927. Died: August 16th, 1989. Played "Kitty" on "Gunsmoke". Cause Of Death: Aids. Cremated.

Mel Blanc. Born: May 30th, 1908. Died: July 10th, 1989. Hollywood Memorial Park Cemetary. Voice of "Bugs Bunny" and countless other Cartoon characters.

Dan Blocker. Born: December 10th, 1928. Died: May 13th, 1972. Played "Hoss" on "Bonanza". Cause of Death: Pulmonary Embolism.

Joan Blondell. Born: August 30th, 1906. Died: December 25th, 1979. Cause of Death: Leukemia. Wife of Actor Dick Powell. Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, CA

Neil Bogart. Born: 1943. Died: 1982. Actor, Producer, President of Casablanca Records during the Disco Era. Donna Summer, Village People, Kiss were on the Label. Cause of Death: Cancer. Hillside Memorial Park, Culver City, CA

Tommy Bolin. Born: August 1st, 1951. Died: December 4th, 1976. Lead Guitarist: Deep Purple. Cause of Death: Multiple Drug Intoxification. Calvary Cemetary, Iowa.

Sonny Bono. Born: February 16th, 1935. Died: January 5th, 1998. Cause of Death: Skiing Accident. Desert Memorial Park Cemetary, Cathedral City, Riverside County CA

Sorrell Booke. Born: January 4th, 1930. Died: February 1th, 1994. Played: "Boss Hogg" on the "Dukes of Hazzard". Cause of Death: Colon Cancer. Hillside Memorial Park Cemetary, Culver City, CA. * He once appeared at the "World of Wheels Car Show" at the DECC back in the 1980's.

Hugh Brannum. Born: 1909. Died: 1987. 30 Years on "Captain Kangaroo" as "Mr. Green Jeans". Out of Production in 1985. Location of Body is Unknown.

Walter Brennan. Born: July 25th, 1894. Died: September 21st, 1974. Cause of Death: Emphysema. San Fernando, CA Mission Cemetary. Los Angelas County. Appeared in countless Disney Movies in the 70's.

Albert "Cubby" Broccoli. Born: April 5th, 1909. Died: June: 29th, 1996. Creator and Producer of "James Bond 007" Movies. Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills, CA.

Raymond Burr. Born: May 21st, 1917. Died: September 12th, 1993. Cause of Death: Liver Cancer.

Daws Butler. Voice of "Yogi Bear", "Capt. Crunch", Huckleberry Hound" and other Cartoon Characters. Holy Cross Cemetary, Culver City, Mass.